The Power of Facebook Groups and Like Pages

By on March 27, 2011

The best thing about groups and like pages is that they produce FREE traffic. Groups have no limit to members and pages have no limit on likes. Plus, when someone joins a group or likes a page all their friends see it in their news feed. Also, you can email your group members. This is huge! And when you post, all your members get notified. Every like from your page goes viral and you can have a opt in form on your page. So start a group and page related to your niche and post quality content. Just tell all your friends a few times and warn them that you will be creating a content filled group. People will click on your links if you provide good content and earn their respect. The worst thing you can do is just create another spammy group or page. You can control who posts. And for like pages, the ultimate goal is to have people sign up to your list. So put in opt-in form on your page. Another cool thing about pages is that “likes” tell the search engines that your page is worth ranking. My page shows up when you type my name into google. Yours should too. This alone is huge! You get ranked in google and get traffic from facebook.  You can check out my page for a good example.

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