The Power of Email Marketing-Building a List

By on March 13, 2011

All successful internet marketers are building a list, and most internet marketers generate 90% of their income form their list! The key to longterm online success is this: 1. Build a list. 2. Build a relationship with that list. 3. Market to your list.  If most of the people on your list look up to you and respect you, they are more willing to buy from you. Would you rather buy a real estate book from Donald Trump or some guy on the street? The importance is in the relationship. If you offer great content, people will respect you. Once you have their respect and trust, they will buy from you because they trust that you have their best interest in mind. Lets look at Facebook as an example. Facebook is really just a giant list, and facebook has a great relationship with its list. That is why facebook is so valuable. Now for the technical side. You need an auto-responder. The best auto-responder is aweber. You can’t be spending all your time emailing every lead. An auto-responder gives you leverage. Leverage is key to building a successful online business. So sign up with aweber and start building a list-and your conversions will go up tenfold.

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