How To Make A Simple One Page Website Profitable

By on November 6, 2010

To make profits online, you only need a website and traffic.  I will teach you both. First, you need to know how to build a website.  I am giving you a free e-book on how to build your own website. This e-book will teach you the simple, step by step process (FTP, images, etc.) of building a website. You only need a couple tools to build an online business: an auto-responder, a html editor, and a product (affiliate). Once you learn how to build your own website you can eventually make money online with that website through internet marketing. After your site is built, driving traffic through smart marketing techniques is all you have to do to make money. I will teach you this in future posts, but to give you a taste, facebook is the biggest source of traffic online!!! Google is next.  The key is, though, facebook can get you free traffic and it’s easy to get traffic from facebook.  In google, you’re either paying a lot of money for Adwords, or your website is on page 24.  You need to know SEO (search engine optimization) to rank organically in google.  And the organic listings get 97% of all google traffic. That is why 3% traffic for google advertising sucks. However SEO in google is hard because it takes time and you have to know when they are coming with their next big slap!

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