How To Drive 100s of Clicks a Day From Facebook To Your Site

By on December 26, 2010

Facebook is the #1 source of online traffic- over 550 million users!!! Google has been surpassed. Google is still #2 and is definitely a major source of traffic that you should tap into.  However, I will just teach you about facebook for now. Now, to fully capitalize on facebook traffic you need to apply free traffic methods and paid methods. The free traffic methods are using facebook groups and like pages (fan pages).

Create a group about your niche, offer good content, and later market to your group. Groups go viral fast especially if you have good content. Don’t just spam all of your members with crappy affiliate links. If you build a good relationship with your members through rich content, your conversions will be x10 easy.

Also, create a like page and put an opt-in form on it. You need to build a list to be a successful internet marketer, and most people don’t know that you can put an opt-in on your like page. Also, get people to like your page. The more popular, the better. Offer an incentive to like your page or become a friend and this will speed up the process. And, your like page can be full of content and good links to your products or affilate sales page.

Facebook ads are huge and a necessity. Millions of targeted viewers will be drawn to your site. Now is the time to get in before the crowd or before facebook changes something. When you create your ad, make the photo catch the eye, make the title be a question, and make the description offer a solution to a problem. The photo should be abnormal to catch the viewers eyes. The question in the title makes them curious, and the description explains what you are going to do for them.  And don’t just send them to a sales page, unless it’s really good. Facebook does allow sales pages and squeeze pages but your chances of getting good conversions are less.

Now, you should also max out your friends at 5,000. Use the search bar at the top and look for a group in your niche. Then ask a lot of the people in the group to become your friends. Ad a message to your friend request, and put them in a friend list. It only gets better from here on out. If you want to learn more, watch some free videos by Chris Farrell.

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