How a Kenosha Dentist Doubled His Online Leads in 2 Weeks

By on January 4, 2013

Dr. Pat Crawford is a dentist in Kenosha, WI. He has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years in the same location that his father did before him. He has been doing great for himself, and he is a quality dentist who has achieved much recognition in the dental community. Recently, he hired a Scottsdale SEO company called Crawford and O’Brien to do his internet marketing. That’s how he doubled his conversions. All of last year, a company called Televox was taking care of his website, and they were doing a terrible job. He only got 3 leads the entire year through his website. Now, in under two weeks of hiring Crawford and O’Brien, he has already gotten two new patients through his website. The lifetime value of a customer for a dentist is well over $10,000.  So for a price of only $500/month, Crawford and O’Brien is doing a great job. Would you pay $500 for an instant $2,000 per month in the short run, and $10,000 over a few years? I’ll let you decide that. But that’s the beauty of internet marketing and online lead generation. Now it’s just a matter of converting the leads into new patients. That is best done by email and calling the leads to book the appointment. Remember, you have to close the lead in order to make money. That’s how Dr. Pat Crawford did it. He hired a genius SEO company to dominate his niche through internet marketing. It’s that easy folks.


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