Daily Facebook Marketing Blueprint

By on April 21, 2011

You should market on facebook everyday if you can. You don’t have to spend that much time either. Just a little bit everyday will do. You need to add new friends. Go to groups and like pages related to your niche and add friends. Write a personal message too. Next, POST something interesting or just a quote. Quotes are interesting, positive, and uplifting. Whenever someone has a birthday, tell them happy birthday. It is little things like this that really help build a RELATIONSHIP with people. And facebook is all about building a relationship with people. If you don’t have a group, create one and post good content in it every day. Soon you will be getting a good number of friend requests, and you can right on their wall and say thanks.  Also, send them a message that gives them a link to a free eBook. You should be able to give someone a free gift, either an eBook or video course. If you are experimenting with facebook adds, remember to check them daily and make sure you are getting targeted traffic. If you send people to a sales page, tell them in the add that you want them to buy something-and how much it is. Then, only people interested in pulling out their wallet will click on your add. Make sure your profile picture is one of you smiling too. Recap-add friends, post, send people your free gift, start a new group or like page. Remember, just be honest and be yourself. The rest will follow.

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