Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon

By on May 25, 2011

Building a website is not as tricky as it seems when you have all the tools and are taught what to do with them. To build a website, you really only need three things.

1. Domain Name- This is what is in between the www. and .com (ex. is a domain name. The best rated domain registrar is  Choose a domain name that has your keywords in it. Otherwise, make sure the domain name is short, catchy, and easy to remember.

2. Hosting Account- A web hosting company basically puts what is on your computer onto the web. You upload your website to them and they upload it live onto the web. The best rated web host is also  You can also call your hosting provider’s hosting support team, and they will help you set up your hosting and answer most of your questions.

3. Web (html) Editor- This is what you actually use to build your website. This is the most important tool where you type your content and put photos, etc. The best html editor (most simple and FREE) is Kompozer. If you have dreamweaver or frontpage, you can use those as well. These are just basic web editors. WordPress and Joomla! will allow you to build a website through them and host it with your own hosting service. I highly recommend WordPress. These are all Free ways to get your site built. Otherwise, you can always pay someone to build your site.

Now, to upload what you have saved in your web editor to your hosting service (so it will be officially online) you will need to download filezilla. This is FTP (file transfer proto-call). You use filezilla to transfer what is on your computer to your hosting service’s computers. This is the hardest part about building websites if you are new to it. To best explain these concepts, I recommend that you just download and read Chris Farrell’s FREE eBook entitled Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon (this link goes straight to the download page). His eBook goes step-by-step on how to do everything I just mentioned and more. He teaches how to resize images and other computer code techniques that you will need to know. Also, check out Chris Farrell’s FREE 26 video course on how to start a successful online business. If you want Chris Farrell’s FREE eBook, FREE 26 video course on how to make money online, FREE newsletter, and my best tips all for FREE, just opt-in to the right to get all the FREE training.

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